Costa Barcelona Film Clúster

The options offered by this great territorial set are increasingly appreciated by producers, who value the factors of diversity, complementarity, accessibility, affordability, permissibility, mobility, connectivity, facilitation and proximity to the main road and transport infrastructures. A geostrategic location, especially in relation to the metropolitan region.

The environmental characteristics, as well as the luminosity that instils the Mediterranean are superlative coadjuvants. In addition, the climatic characteristics provide reliability. The producers emphasize a lot this weighting factor in relation to the weather conditions surrounding the shootings.

Accessible and affordable

Node Film Clúster is a gateway to the territory of Costa Barcelona for audiovisual productions. Offering a series of resources and facilities for filming spots, series and / or movies.


A characteristically Mediterranean climate, of plain and low land with maritime influence.

One hundred kilometers facing the sea

Three of the counties of Costa Barcelona, the Garraf, the Baix Llobregat and the Maresme, quoted them from south to north, are gorged by the Mediterranean. They add a hundred kilometers of coastline, with dozens of beaches – mostly fine sand, medium and coarse grains.

Sea and mountain

A very populated area, with large cities and numerous and important those roads, but at the same time where there is a place for nature to show us its freshness, as well as for the vineyards and other crops, and for the preservation of a civil and religious heritage that helps us to read its long and rich history.

One of the charms of Costa Barcelona is that the sea is close to many cities, and it is also a moment to access many hectares of natural parks from the beaches.

History and landscapes

A region with a very extensive geography that offers a multitude of Mediterranean landscapes. Cities and towns that explain the history of its inhabitants through its streets, old towns and historic buildings such as churches, modernist farmhouses, museums and streets with hundreds of years of history.

Cultural heritage

Architectural heritage. The stones tell us the story, they show us how thousands and thousands of years ago these lands were occupied by men and women. In Costa Barcelona we can find buildings from prehistoric times, Roman times, the Middle Ages, baroque buildings, modernist …

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